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The Healthy Way To Pass A Hair Drug Test 2018

The first thing that gets tested from a person`s body when he is put under a drug test is his or her urine sample and hair follicles for these two are believed to be the best and the easiest ways in which drugs can easily show up. I bought this synthetic urine and it helped me in escaping the urine test. Yes so if a person has consumed drugs and when he wants to appear clean for the test, then it is very important for him to try and hide the appearance of these drug samples from these two in the first place. Of course, there are simple remedies that can help a person in doing this and here is a list of the same.

Remedies that can keep you safe during a drug test

  • Ask anybody and the first thing they would advise or suggest you would be staying away from the drug for at least a 100 days. Sounding weird? But this is the truth. There cannot be a better remedy than this and it is, in fact, the best solution that can make you look innocent when comes to a drug test. So abstain from using the drug for some days when you get to know that there would be a test for detecting the same. generally, all the drug tests that are conducted in schools, companies never happen without a prior intimation.
  • Not having enough days to follow the above? Then you are left with no choice but to go tonsured. Yes, the next best thing to escape a drug test would be to completely shave off all the hair from your head for this would give no chance to the testing team to conduct a test in your hair.
  • There are also detox shampoos that can work effectively on your hair follicles.