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  • About Crossroads Ibogaine Therapy

    Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center, located in beautiful Rosarito Beach, Mexico, offers the world’s leading Ibogaine Treatment Program for alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methadone and other prescription opiate addictions. Our advanced Ibogaine treatment is known for its unique ability to efficiently eliminate acute withdrawal symptoms as well as cravings thereafter. Our specific Ibogaine detox treats and corrects the root causes of dependency by re- balancing your neuro-chemistry and resetting/re-wiring neuro-pathways in your brain.

    Our Ibogaine Program Philosophy

    At Crossroads Ibogaine treatment center, we believe addiction is not caused by the addictive substance itself, but rather by a former chemical imbalance in your brain neurotransmitter systems. Chemical imbalances can be caused from a variety of reasons such as: biology, environment, stress, trauma, substance use, etc. The key of addiction recovery success through our ibogaine program lies in the correction of the imbalances in your brain, making it possible for you to grow and change, free of compulsive addictive behaviors.. The Ibogaine treatment we are providing specifically targets these imbalances. Our Ibogaine detox is designed to help you live free of the cravings that drive your dependency.

    Our Ibogaine Mission

    Our mission at Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico is to offer high-end Ibogaine treatment through a carefully designed Ibogaine program. We provide an avenue for addictions recovery through our therapy program which works immediately by eliminating the excruciating phase of detox and withdrawal. Our Ibogaine therapy program will help set you free of your addiction by completely removing the obsession and craving from your thought process. Our mission through our therapy is to provide safe and comfortable Ibogaine treatment, offering a permanent transition to sobriety, stability, and success.

    If you or a loved one needs help, don’t wait… we can help. Call our clinic at the following US number: 619-452-1130

    Why Crossroads Mexico is #1 in Ibogaine Therapy

    • We offer private Ibogaine treatment at our luxury treatment facility in Mexico
    • We offer safe and comfortable Ibogaine treatment program with 24/7 on-site therapeutic support
    • We employ a full Medical staff in our clinic specializing in Ibogaine treatment
    • We employ Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified (ACLSC) professionals at our clinic
    • Though our Ibogaine therapy program, we eliminate the painful withdrawal symptoms of detox
    • We offer a care package to support and guide your Ibogaine treatment experience
    • In addition to Ibogaine therapy, we provide daily exercises and activities on personal development at our clinic
    • We provide healthy, freshly prepared meals to all of our guests
    • At our clinic in Mexico, we only accept a limited number of people at one time
    • We are 100% invested in each patient’s recovery
    • We offer additional therapy and education through continuing Ibogaine aftercare program

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